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Quarterly Promotion

Rayovac drives showroom and over the counter sales with innovative quarterly promotions.

Immediate redemption and powerful savings on batteries and lights will drive your product sales and increase your profits!

The Rayovac Industrial December 1st, 2018 through February 28th, 2019 promotion codes and offers are as follows:

November Q1 Promo Breakroom Makeover

Outstanding Performance FSIOffice

Rayovac, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation is pleased to award FSIOffice, (Charlotte, NC),
with the Outstanding Distributor Award for the quarter ending September 30th, 2018.

Founded in 1962 FSIoffice is a third-generation woman owned and operated business. Jimmy and Diane Godwin coined
the commitment to their customers & You will appreciate our service & and this has been the mantra of FSI from day one. Understanding that
the products they sell to their customers can be purchased anywhere makes this commitment the backbone to their continued success.

It is with great pleasure that Rayovac recognized FSIOffice, (Charlotte, NC), with the Outstanding Distributor Award.
For more information about FSIOffice, please visit