Lithium Coin Cell Battery Safety


Coin Cell Safety Awareness and Packaging to Help Keep Your Family Safe

Think our packaging is impossible to open? We did that on purpose. In 2014, we voluntarily introduced child-resistant packaging, because RAYOVAC® cares about you and your family's safety. In the US, approximately 3,500 people swallow button batteries every year, 65% are children 6 years and under*. Safety is a priority here at RAYOVAC®.

Approximately 500 cases/year

There are approximately 500 cases of Lithium Coin Cells being swallowed each year. What can you do to avoid accidental ingestion? Here are some tips on prevention:

62.5% of Ingestions are children under 6 years of age.**

Keep lithium batteries out of children’s reach. Keep coin cell batteries out of sight.

61.8% of Ingested Batteries

were removed from a device.

29.8% of Ingested Batteries

were left sitting loose or in the trash.

8.2% of Ingested Batteries

were removed from the battery packaging.


The direct risk is tissue damage from battery corrosion reactions.

Act Fast

Swallowing may lead to SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH in as little as 2 HOURS!

Chemical Burns

And severe damage to the esophagus can occur.

Know what devices in your home take lithium cell batteries

and secure the battery compartments

Weight Scales

Digital Thermometers

Keychain Remotes



Greeting Cards

Prevention starts at home

Keep out of reach of children, know which devices take lithium coin cell batteries and know the facts about lithium coin cell batteries!

Precautions taken by Rayovac

Warnings on Packaging

Imprints on Lithium coin cells

Perforated Multi-Packs for Individual Seals

Tighter Blister Pack on Seals

Provide Safety Info on Lithium Battery Cell Safety

Should ingestion ever occur: 1.202.625.3333

If you or someone you know swallows a coin cell battery, go to the emergency room immediately and call the National Battery Ingestion Hotline 1.202.625.3333 Contact the National Capital Poison Center Hotline: RAYOVAC®is an active participant and supporter of this hotline

*US National Poison Data System


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