Shrink-Wrapped Packs

Zinc Carbon D 2 Pack

HD-DF, Heavy Duty Shrink-Wrapped D-6 Pack (12 packs/case)

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Low Cost, High Value.

Model: HD-DF

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty batteries are a great way to power low-drain devices at a great price!
  • Conveniently shrink-wrapped to minimize packaging
  • Zinc Chloride formula
  • Best used before date on battery

Product Specifications

Unit/Package UPC 012800525522
Unit/Package Dimensions (in., lwh) 1.313 X 7.813 X 2.438
Unit/Package Quantity 6
Unit/Package Weight (lb.) 1.248
Case UPC 10012800525529
Case Dimensions (in., lwh) 10.500 X 8.375 X 4.375
Case Quantity 12
Case Weight (lb.) 15.600
Case Volume (cu. ft.) 0.223
Ti x Hi = (Cases per Pallet) 19 x 5 = 95

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