Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop: Online Ordering Secure Site

Where to Register/Login to Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop:

Order Online

What is Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop?

  • Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop is a NEW and SECURE online storefront that allows customers to login via a customized username/password and place a purchase order.
  • The online ordering storefront will feature all items listed within the Rayovac Industrial Catalog and will include detailed product specifications/images.
  • All standard ordering procedures apply:
    • Must order in full case increments
    • Minimum order requirements must be met
      • $25 Freight Surcharge will be applied if minimum order requirements are not met

Who Can Utilize Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop?

  • The site allows current Rayovac customers (with an assigned account number) to register/create an account by utilizing their email address and a customized password
    • **Users interested in creating a NEW account with Rayovac can also register on Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop and a sales rep will contact them shortly after to help them get setup.
    • Once customers have registered, they can then login and will see their:
      • Sold to account number
      • Previous purchase order history
      • Credit terms
      • MRO pricing
        • **Please note that Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop does not have the capability to sell at contract pricing. MRO pricing only. Billback customers ok.**
      • Billing and shipping information
    • To protect the transfer of sensitive data, Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop is a secure site

    Rayovac Ultra Pro Shop Features:

    • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers for this website, but the site will work with any web browser
    • The new online ordering system is:
      • Available 24/7 for fast and convenient online ordering
      • Optimized for phones, tablets and desktops  
      • User friendly:
        • "Cart" feature allows for easy order adjustments
          • Revisions are automatically updated to the user’s cart
          • Customers can logout of their account without finalizing their orders, and will be able to access their pending purchase orders the next time they log back in without physically saving anything
        • "Reorder" button allows customers to quickly duplicate a previous order
        • "View Order History" button allows customers to view previous purchase orders
        • "Print Order Summary" button allows customers to print detailed order summaries including product images
      • Customizable -> customers have the option to:
        • Add a one-time drop ship location
        • Enter a new credit card for a custom one-time payment
        • Select a future shipping date
        • Reference a unique purchase order number
        • List specific shipping instructions for their orders

    Step-By-Step Instructions: